Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR)

Who’s it for 

  • Pre-surgery
  • Post Surgery
  • Injury- return to play
  • Performance 

What is Blood Flow Restriction Training?
Blood flow restricted training is performed to allow the patient to make greater strength and hypertrophy gains without having to perform high-intensity exercise. Light resistance 20-30 % of 1 rep max can produce similar effects to heavy resistance when using a BFR system. For example, post ACL patients can perform light resistance movement to increase muscle size and strength without increased risk to the surgical site. Blood Flow restricted training can be utilized by a variety of surgical and non-surgical patients as well as by a variety of age groups to improve and speed up recovery. Current research suggests that when adding BFR to resistance or aerobic exercise the training benefits are augmented including muscle strength and size   (Slysz, Stultz, Burr 2016).

Cuffs are  applied for the duration of the resistance program 4 sets of 30- 15 15 -15 reps as this is the most studied protocol to follow for improved results

Cuffs are applied for a maximum of 20 minutes during aerobic conditioning usually walking or biking