Spine Care

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At Stride Physical Therapy, we know how challenging neck and back pain can be. Whether it is your first back/neck injury or you suffer from chronic spine pain, we can help! We have specialists trained that can identify why you’re hurting and what can be done to help you get better. 

You know your body best

Because your body is unique, we combine your input with our expertise to determine the best treatment approach for you. Whatever your goals, we will help you get there! 


Stride Physical Therapy has clinicians trained in the principles of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), or the McKenzie Method is a comprehensive evidence-based system of assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention strategies that focus on active patient involvement and promotes independent management of conditions. We will guide you through specific movement patterns and exercises designed to produce an immediate change in your symptoms. Over time these improvements become permanent. And the best part? You can repeat the process on your own if the pain ever returns!

There are a variety of treatment approaches used to treat back and neck pain. You may have even tried a few without success. If you’re ready for some help, choose Stride. You’ll get better!