Surgical Rehabilitation Pre and Post


Physical therapy is not only for post-surgery patients.  Therapy can also be beneficial for those preparing for surgery. Just as rehab helps patients recover following surgery, “prehab” helps patients prepare for surgery and frequently leads to shortened recovery periods. By working with a physical therapist in creating a pre-surgery rehabilitation plan, you will create a strong foundation for rapid recovery that will likely lead to decreased down time following surgery. Therapy before surgery is unique for every patient and type of surgery. If you have questions about what prehab can do for you, please call and ask. We’re here to help!


What occurs during the post-surgical recovery period is crucial in determining the long term benefits of the surgical intervention. It is during this recovery period that you can make or break the success of your surgery. At Stride Physical Therapy our therapists are highly trained and experienced in treating a variety of post-operative conditions. We will work within the guidelines provided by your surgeon to develop a treatment plan that is specific to your individual needs. We will assist you in achieving your goals in returning to the activities you enjoy.

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