Neurological rehabilitation

Any neurologic injury can be life changing, but it doesn’t mean you can’t continue to do the things you enjoy. At Stride Physical Therapy our therapists work with you one on one to help you do the thing you love again. Specialized treatment plans work to maximize abilities, promote independence, prevent further functional decline, and help you and your family adapt to any disabilities that may remain. You will be pushed to succeed but also motivated along the way. Recovery can be difficult, but it’s not something you need to face alone. We are here to help!

On the first visit your therapist will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine your limitations and functional needs. Your personal goals and desires will be reviewed in detail leading to the development of a tailor-made treatment plan with the following targets in mind:

  • Maximizing a return to functional independence and an  active lifestyle
  • Optimizing physical function and enhancing the skills needed to perform activities of daily living
  • Maximizing strength, balance and mobility
  • Developing new cognitive and behavioral strategies to compensate for deficiencies

We know this isn’t a road you chose. But we are hear to help you navigate it. At Stride Physical Therapy you’ll be treated just like family. 

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