Pediatric Physical Therapy

Does your child need physical therapy? At Stride Physical Therapy, we are experienced in treating a variety of pediatric conditions from generalized motor delay to pediatric sport injuries.  We see patients from just months old (Torticollis) up to 18 years and on their way to college.  We work to make pediatric therapy dynamic, engaging, and fun! Our goal is to promote active participation by children and adolescents in their home, school, and community environments. Parents and guardians are invited to participate in the rehabilitation process so that they can be an integral part of programs helping their children reach new milestones from walking to earning athletic scholarships.

Sports injuries are unfortunately common in youth athletics. At Stride Physical Therapy we are experienced at diagnosing and treating pediatric musculoskeletal injuries. We work with young athletes to improve multi-sport participation and performance while reducing the risk of overuse injury. Our goal is to return your child back to their desired activity as quickly and safely as possible!

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